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At P.S. 183, We envision our school as a learning community that treats children and adults with respect and kindness. Our motto is, “Take Care of Each Other.” We want children to value diversity of ideas, to develop compassion and the ability to see themselves in another’s shoes. As children mature and participate in communal classroom work, they broaden their ability to see things from varied perspectives and to work with people with viewpoints other than their own. They can then take their places in the world as empowered adults who can make good choices in their lives, good changes in the world, and work well with others in their occupational and social communities.


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Hey Batter, Batter

Join your PS 183 family for a fun-filled afternoon watching the NY Yankees take on the Cleveland Indians!

Sunday, May 6th @ 1:05PM

Buy Your Tickets Today!

SECTION: 132 Rows 2-3: $55 SOLD OUT

SECTION: 233B-234 Rows 2-6: $35

SECTION: 331 Rows 1-3: $30

SECTION: 334 Rows 1-4: $25

All proceeds benefit the PS 183 PTA!


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